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Elephant Trails

Unique Malaysian Riding Experience

Located at the foothills of Mt. Machincang, Elephant Adventures plies the only elephant adventures into a UNESCO Global Geopark in the world. Since 2006, adventurers from more than 80 countries have participated in our elephant adventures.

The Malaysian elephant riding experience is different from those offered in other parts of Asia. Unlike elephant chairs in Thailand or "howdahs" in India, elephant riders in Malaysia will sit inside an "elephant basket," on a carpeted elephant's back. While we were tempted to go the way of our northern neighbours, we have decided to retain a Malaysian tradition.

Elephant Trails Elephant Trails
Adventurers in an Elephant Basket Limit Two (2) Adults per Basket

For safety reasons, we do not allow adventurers on the elephant's neck, or "driver's seat," and limit each basket to two (2) adults only.

Elephant Trail Options

On August 26, 2014, Elephant Adventures relocated to new grounds (about 300m away from its previous location). As a consequence, new trails were marked and these are the trails currently offered to guests:–

The Garden Trail
For a elephant-back riding experience, guests may opt for a 5-minute ride around our Garden Trail that is located within a secondary forest. Our garden features more than 1,000 plants transplanted from our previous location. A "thank-the-elephant" feed basket is included with each elephant ride that turns each experience into a positive one for the elephant and adventurer alike.

Elephant Trails Elephant Trails
Garden Trails Along the Seven Wells River

The Geopark Trail
The Geopark Trail is an all-new option that takes our guests deeper into our secondary forest. Lucky guests may also encounter local wildlife such as insects, birds and primates but one will not miss the sounds of noisy cicadas in the canopy overhead. Each Geopark Trail will last at least 10-minutes and includes the customary feed basket.

The River Trail
The River Trail is our longest trail at (a minimum of) 15 minutes. On this trail, guests will ride deeper into the forest before crossing the Seven Wells River upstream. It is only at this point that our new trail intersect with our older ones but each trail is different.

Elephant Trails Elephant Trails
River Adventures Across the Seven Wells Creek

Important Notes

Young children must be accompanied by an adult while expectant mothers are advised not to participate in the activity.

Please note that any riding times estimated above will naturally vary between the range indicated.

As per relevant authorities' guidelines, please note that we are compelled to note that––while we take all the necessary precauitions to ensure guest enjoyment and safety––participation in any activity involving wildlife shall be done entirely at the guests' own risk.

While we strive to open 365-days a year, we reserve the right to suspend activities––without notice––based on health issues of the animal(s) and due to other unforeseen circumstances.

Book an Adventure Online

To book an adventure online, visit the Elephant Shoppe Online on your computer. The Elephant Shoppe has been authorized to conduct online bookings and payments on Lasah's behalf.

Revised September 09, 2014
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