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Ten Years at the Oriental Village

On April 29, 2016, Lasah achieved a new milestone: Ten Years at the Oriental Village.


In commemoration of this milestoe, guests were treated to satay over the weekend of April 29, 30 & May 1, 2016. Visitors on this weekend were also entitled to 10%+10% discounts off regular activities and ticketing.

Quote our #TenYears Promotion and get 10% off all list prices for the month of May 2016.

Lasah the Elephant Actor

Lasah is a middle-aged Asian "bull tusker" of about 34 years (as at 2014).

Historical accounts indicate that Lasah was found wandering by himself near an oil palm plantation more than 30 years ago, seemingly abandoned. He spent about 18 years at an international zoological gardens before returning to Malaysia in 1997, but not before siring a young bull elephant at the zoo.

A younger Lasah eventually found himself clashing with an older bull elephant at a northern logging camp, which decided to relinquish Lasah to a proposed elephant park in Johor. However, the park never opened.

During several nomadic years in the new millennium, Lasah was featured at several zoos in the south and appeared in magic shows near Kuala Lumpur. In Malacca, between 2003 and 2006, Lasah demonstrated the might and dexterity of elephants in daily elephant presentations.

Lasah arrived on Langkawi by March 1, 2006.

Lasah the Model

In August 2014, we accepted a "modelling job" for Lasah Porceeds from the gig would go towards the redevelopment of the TIger! Tiger! Exhibit, adjacent to Lasah's new riding trails.

#LangkawiElephantAdventures #LangkawiElephantAdventures
Lasah with RIMOWA at the Pavilion Lasah and His RIMOWA

Lasah the Elephant Actor

By the time he arrived on Langkawi in 2006, he had already been featured on the set of Anna & the King, elephant shows in two internationally renowned zoos in the region and featured in nightly magic shows atop Genting Highlands. Langkawi could not have picked a better elephant: Lasah is arguably one of the more adaptable, more travelled and better natured elephants in the country.

#LangkawiElephantAdventures #LangkawiElephantAdventures
Lasah rode 8 floors in an elevator for to appear in nightly magic show "Sinbad –1001 Nights" Hollywood blockbuster Anna & the King was filmed ion Langkawi and in Perak

Even after his arrival on Langkawi, Lasah continued to be featured in regional travel programs, TV commercials and movies. For more on how to involve Lasah in a media production, visit My Animal Actors.

#LangkawiElephantAdventures #LangkawiElephantAdventures
Filming of Austrian made-for-TV movie Dream Hotel, at the Oriental Village Lasah has featured in numerous travel programs promoting Langkawi Tourism

Updated April 29, 2016
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